About: THISWAYforthat

Julie Boswell is a mixed media artist working under the name THISWAYforthat.

Working with a variety of up-cycled materials and found or gifted objects alongside; oils, acrylic, textiles, installation, performance and photography, Julie produces unique creations inspired by good stories, salvaged treasure and the environment around her.

Beginning her career with a degree in Constructed Textiles Julies love of textiles; pattern, colour and tactile textures is still very prominent within her work.

For many years Julie developed and delivered bespoke individual and group arts experiences, arts facilitation training and creative evaluation, specialising in collaborating with those experiencing mental health issues, multiple sensory impairments and communication difficulties.

This experience remains a very significant part of her practice but after returning to live and work back in Ayrshire in 2012 she decided it was time to focus her creative energy into her own art and THISWAYforthat was born.

The result is colourful vibrant art and designed products which carry positive and thought-provoking messages, often depicting subjects that raise awareness of societal issues but always telling a story.

Whether you’re looking for a bespoke artwork for your home, choosing from the designed merchandise range or would like a unique art experience, the aim is that any purchase from THISWAYforthat is a meaningful investment which aims to give you a good feeling.

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