HEALing News – I’m back with Grattitude! 💗

15 months later (5 of those in Long Stay Hospital)… 3 Hospitals, 5 Hospital Beds and one of the best opportunities I‘ve ever had the pleasure to accept at Heal Scotland’s Retreat, with the most humble Gratitude.🙏

I would like to say thanks to everyone who has helped me heal over the last 15 months.

From; my Brother, my Boyfriend, my Amazing Tribe… the Drs, the Nurses, the Carers, the Physiotherapist’s, the Occupational Therapists, the Porters, the Drivers, the Food & Tea Providers, the Inspirational Lectures like TED talks, Golden Buzzers, Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Wim Hof, the Meditators, the Speech Therapists, the Dieticians, the councillors, the Random Helpers, all the Alternative Healers and Teachers,  all other staff who helped at  Crosshouse – Douglas Grant Rehab, Southern General and Ayr Hospitals, Barmolloch Farm, the Heal Scotland Team and all the key players who know who they are, I give Gratitude 🙏

To all those who didn’t know there was a situation, who maybe thought I had just disappeared.  I had to get friends to close down all my social media, as I found myself lying paralysed in a hospital room unable to communicate.  You can find out a bit more in Heal Scotland’s You Tube post I give Gratitude 🙏

Thank you to my Customers who have been continuing to buy Art Pieces and THISWAYforthat Merchandise Ranges, it has been much appreciated! I give Gratitude 🙏

To all the Beings who have made and continue to make this journey easier I urge you to do yourself a favour and get involved with Heal Scotland in whatever way you can.  It’s time to make Change Happen.

I give Gratitude 🙏


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